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Welcome to Gaia's Garden

at the Forefront of Regenerative Gardening 

Hand drawn image of Gaia and Earth
Gold lettering Welcome to Gaia's Garden

making a world of difference

We are delighted to be launching our debut 'Jewel Collection' of 

for gardeners who love the earth 

Our Precious Earth "Mother Culture" and Plant Food is Soil Association certified for organic & regenerative gardening.

 It boosts plant growth, health & yields naturally

This beautiful dark crumbly, chocolate brownie of the gardening world, infused with golden lights, is packed with goodness and life. It is simple to use, but does so much.

Containing wormcast, biochar, live cultures, organic NPK and over 16.4 million beneficial microbes in every gram, it can give plants everything they need to be healthy and happy, from seedlings to vegetables, house plants to roses.

  Just give your plants some Precious Earth and Mother Nature will do the rest.

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