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Our Story 

The founders of Gaia's Garden have been finding the best ways to work in a harmonious way with nature for decades.

Precious Earth has been designed for use by all gardeners, whether new to gardening or experienced. The live cultures in our boxes will balance out whatever your plants need naturally. 

We met while building an environmental education centre and regenerative farm, subsequently planted over 70,000 trees for wildlife, coppicing and shelter (as well as a "fossil forest" showcasing many ancient trees), trialled cattle and horses with the trees, built the first AD plant and reedbed system for water cleaning, ran permaculture, medicinal herb and regenerative growing courses and set up our first worm farm, 15 years ago, with a cooperative of 50 farmers, producing 24,000 tonnes of probiotic bio stimulant composts, soil rejuvenation and plant feeds. 

Since then we have designed natural gardens for renewable energy projects, landscaped contaminated sites using phyto remediation designs, created medicinal herb gardens and pollinator friendly landscapes. We have advised growers and farmers on hedging layout, companion planting, soil health and wildlife corridors.

Now we have synthesised all of our knowledge to create our Mother Cultures and our secret recipe  for Precious Earth is being created by our team in Wales.


Whether you have a small patch of land or vast acres, Gaia's Garden can help you to make a world of difference for the future.

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