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Gold Lettering Business with Gaia

If producing optimum healthy veg for your customers is your goal then we can help.

Our probiotic plant feed is Soil Association approved for regenerative organic gardening. It’s sold in our beautiful boxes and can be used at a 10:1 ratio, mixed into topsoil or compost to inoculate your growing medium with all the beneficial microbiology your vegetables will need to grow strong and healthy and have greater resistance to stress from climate changes and pathogens.

This is also perfect for the cut flower garden and for growing flowers and plants to sell on. As long as you mix with a growing medium that is free from chemical additions, what you grow will be bee and butterfly friendly. You will not need to use any herbicides/pesticides/fungicides that can kill our pollinator friends as these travel into the pollen and nectar of the flowers you are growing.

If you need to have greater quantities for your crops, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



We can help you with advice on achieving optimum soil health naturally, wildlife friendly wind breaks, pollinator planting and much more.

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