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We are happy to support farmers in the transition from conventional farming methods to regenerative farming. For consultancy services, please contact us to discuss.

At present we are working with the University of South Wales to test our products and provide ongoing field trials for the agricultural sector.

Replanting native hedgerows is a good way to provide shelter for crops as well as birds. Depending on soil conditions and location, we can draw up a plan with appropriate site-specific species for this.

In general, hawthorn, guelder rose, hazel, wild plum and cherry and elderflower are all species that provide nectar in spring time and a food source for birds and wildlife later on in the year.

If hawthorn hedging is planted first on the windward side, it can protect the other species growing behind it. We recommend that a row of hazels are planted on the inside of the field so they can be coppiced easily.

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