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Gardens with Gaia

Gold Lettering; Gardens with Gaia

Many people are realising now about the detrimental effects of conventional herbicides, fungicides and pesticides and the devastating effect they have on butterflies, bees and the natural world. There are also many concerns about vegetables grown in them and the effects they have on our health.

Gaia's Garden is about working with nature to create optimum conditions for growing plants and creating a sanctuary for endangered species as well as frazzled humans!

There are so many simple things that can be done in our gardens to help increase biodiversity.

Create a wildlife pond, or even a birdbath or a freshwater bar for bees, depending on your space. Just make sure that it is designed in a way that it is safe for the wildlife you are attracting.

A pond can be a haven for frogs, toads, damselflies and dragonflies. It can attract thirsty hedgehogs and birds. Just ensure that there is enough cover for them to feel safe, but not enough for the local cats to hide in!

We can help you with your design and build as each one is dependent on location.

Have a wild area in your garden. Even a small patch or strip can make a big difference for biodiversity. Allow the native wild flowers to grow and edible hedges for birds where they can find havens. 

In autumn, let seedheads remain on your flowers and grasses for food and shelter for insects overwinter.

Avoid using herbicides and weedkillers. These remain in the earth and through the root systems of plants, can have hugely damaging effects for pollinators and biodiversity.

Gardening with nature

the birds and bees

when the earth and the plants and flowers are healthy, so too are the pollinators. Allowing nature to exist within our garden space means leaving the aphids for food for hungry bluetit fledgelings, letting flowers seed to provide food for birds in winter, leaving wild areas for crickets and grasshoppers, shelter for hedgehogs and  more.

it all begins with healthy soil, filled with worms and mycorrhiza, enabling a mycelium network to transport vital nutrients to our vegetables, flowers and plants.

when our garden/windowsill/balcony is in balance, so are we. Less "work" and more time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the natural world, right on our doorstep

Rejuvenating the earth
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