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Precious Earth 

Gold lettering Precious Earth

Here are some tips and advice to help you get the most out of your Precious Earth.

Sunlight Exposure:

 Precious Earth bio stimulant plant food contains a vibrant array of life, particularly mycorrhiza that creates the mycelium networks crucial for maintaining plant & soil health. Extended exposure to sunlight can compromise these essential components.


We recommend the following application methods:


1. Surface Application:

   Sprinkle liberally around your garden beds, water in immediately so the beneficial microbes can travel underground. For extra protection you can also give a covering layer of approximately ½ inch of soil or compost. 


2. Pre-mixing:

   Achieve a 10:1 ratio by blending one part Precious Earth with ten parts compost or soil. This mixture can inoculate up to 40kgs of growing medium, and even more when incorporated with moderately damp topsoil.


Usage Guidelines:

While the 4kg box can effectively inoculate 40kgs of growing medium, users can also apply more liberally, incorporating it into pots, under new plants, and within garden beds.


Cautionary Note:

Despite its appealing appearance resembling chocolate brownie mix with golden sparkles and a delightful petrichor fragrance, please don't eat the product, as it is essentially worm castings.

Extra Benefits of Precious Earth:

  • Enhanced nutrient availability for plants.

  • Improved plant strength and stress resilience.

  • Increased chlorophyll absorption for healthier plants.

  • Ongoing trials with the microbiology department of USW and other independent 3rd parties, so everything we claim is backed by scientific data.

Our Gardening Philosophy:

A garden should be a tranquil haven, a sanctuary for reconnecting with nature's beauty. Precious Earth aims to restore balance by initiating a healing journey. By regenerating the earth, supporting underground ecosystems, and capturing carbon, we create optimal conditions for plant growth, fostering their resilience against various stressors such as drought, floods, pathogens & more.

Biodiversity Advocacy:

In Gaia's Garden, we embrace a harmonious relationship with nature. Allowing some aphids and greenfly to persist in early spring serves as a food source for young blue tits and other birds, contributing to a balanced ecosystem. Our commitment extends to providing nesting areas for birds and safeguarding their habitats.


Cultivating a Natural Haven:

Encouraging a departure from traditional English gardening norms, we advocate embracing wilder, more natural garden spaces. Rather than meticulously manicured lawns, fostering areas of long grasses, dandelions, daisies, and so-called "weeds" provides essential sustenance for native pollinators and supports overall biodiversity. Planting native shrubs in clusters can help to provide habitat and food for birds & wildlife ponds, however small, can provide drinking water, bird baths & be a haven for frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies & so much more.

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