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In Gaia's Garden, we are passionate about preserving the lives of our native bees and butterflies. We are supporters of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the Butterfly Conservation who work to preserve habitats for these vital species.


Reading Recommendations:


Professor Dave Goulson has written a number of books showing the importance of bumblebee conservation and the deadly effects of glyphosates in weedkillers, pesticides and chemicals in farming practices to our bees (which has the same effects on butterflies, ladybirds and others). We recommend his book "Silent Earth. Averting the Insect Apocalypse."

also "A Sting in the Tale" by Dave Goulson is very informative.


Mary Reynolds is an Irish ex gardener who is promoting the Ark concept of giving at least half of your land or garden to nature for wildlife habitats. She has some very informative ideas on how to do this in her book "We are the Ark"


Charles Dowding, champion of the No Dig gardening practice, has been trialling our Precious Earth mother culture in his greenhouse and is very pleased with the results. He says that it produces decent plants and he likes it and can "heartily recommend it".

He has written a number of fantastic books and has some very informative videos on You Tube on how to practice No Dig to minimise soil disturbance and weeds.

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