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Cake, worm charming & busy bees

It's all been happening this month, with earthworms being voted invertebrate of the year and worm charming happening around the country, Will and Beth decided to do some of their own on by dancing on our mother culture beds! I'm unsure as to how charmed our worms were by the experience, but as we now have over 90,000 of them blending the Mother Culture for Precious Earth, I am sure some of them, especially the younger ones, loved it.

You can watch it on if you missed it!

It's been wonderful seeing our beautiful Precious Earth gift boxes out in the stores. Our first delivery arrived in the National Trust garden shop at Stourhead gardens. What an incredible experience to walk in and see them by the entrance in a lovely display.

It feels very special to be in the National Trust shops as they have such high standards for sustainability, sourcing, packaging and more, and we passed each hurdle with flying colours. Now Precious Earth can be found all around the country, from our local Vincent Davies at Haverfordwest to Fountains Abbey in Ripon. We have also been invited onto the Country Living Artisan marketplace, so will be on there soon. It's been fantastic seeing the reactions people have to our boxes, so many have fallen in love with Precious Earth before they even start using it!

Like the bees, it's been a buzzy time for us. May 1st was our first birthday, celebrated in our newly created upcycle garden outside the Mother Culture Shed. We've got lettuces, tomatoes, coriander, radishes and more growing in some ex JCB containers, as well as sweetpeas and flowers for the bees & butterflies. I have been growing them from seed in the reject boxes, which also make great cake & disposable party containers.

The sheds are now brimming with pallets & it's time to start collecting our natural ingredients for our recipes from the Valley.

The coast path is full of with Gaia's beauty, with rockeries to rival any Chelsea Garden show & while our native bees are busy getting in the nectar, we've been getting fantastic results back from different folks who have been trying out our Precious Earth in their gardens, polytunnels & homes.

Trials done by growers have come back really positive (one of them told us that using the Precious Earth totally revived his tomatoes after they had tomato blight), another trial brought a sick miniature rose plant back to life & others have been amazed at how their plants have become so shiny & vibrant. It's amazing what those beneficial microbes can do when they have a chance.

Our first Gaia's Garden event will be at the Royal Bath & West show (30th May to 1st June) at the showground near Shepton Mallet, Somerset. You can find us in the Gifts & Lifestyle section with our special boxes for novice & experienced gardeners.

We are looking forward to meeting people there and telling them more about what we have created & why we are doing it & just how amazing it is!

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