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Getting ready for spring

Signs of spring are slowly emerging. On Sunday I was listening to the songs of skylarks in a field near the coast path and watching bees buzzing around emerging wild flowers. On Monday it was freezing cold and stormy with sleet & rain battering our tin shed where the team are getting the small bags of Precious Earth made, ready for when our boxes arrive.

A visiting engineer who goes to factories all around the UK, told us last week that we were the happiest place he has ever visited!

Our small team of four look after the worms in the mother culture beds and then process the cultures for different applications. They are often covered in muck and outside in all weathers, but it doesn't seem to deter them. When it snowed, they even walked in as the road was impassable, to check that everything was alright and then had their snow ball fights.

Now the sun is shining again & the news has just come in...

The boxes for our Precious Earth are arriving next week, 35 pallets of them in all different colours. We couldn't choose which colour combination to go for as they were all gorgeous, so we decided to not limit it and now we have our Jewel Collection of Precious Earth boxes.

They have been designed to be repurposed after the Mother Culture inside them has been used. They make lovely boxes to store cards or crafting supplies and much more. I think I am going to run a competition to find the most inventive repurposing use for them once they are on the market.

I am so excited to be getting this beautiful artwork designed by Poppy, who took my sketches & turned them into a modern day Mona Lisa, out into the stores. It's been an amazing journey, finding Atlas in Devon who helped me create their FSC sourced cardboard box with water based inks to ensure our packaging is the highest standard possible & working with Judy who turned a flat design into a 3d beauty. She even had to hand draw the flowers and butterflies that Poppy had originally hand drawn, so they went around the sides of the box. Working with everyone on this has been a real joy and it was a revelation when we realised that Atlas was the Greek god who had to hold the weight of planet earth on his shoulders. It's working with fantastic people like this that makes such a difference.

Once they arrive it will be all hands on deck assembling and packing and then putting them on pallets ready for the garden centres and stores for next month so that gardeners will have the boxes ready there for them when they start outside in spring.

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