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Welcome to the Valley

We’ve been so busy here in the Valley that we haven’t had the time for blogging. Now at last, we are all set up for our worm team and they are happily in their different wormeries. The Precious Earth they have created in the silver wormery is ready for the New Year. The worms in the pink wormery say that it just needs a bit of time now to mature while they rest and let the microbes and mycorrhiza do their thing. The teens in the blue wormery are still partying but now it's getting colder, they need a rest. We are just making sure that they have all had enough to eat and are nice and warm and comfy, before we tuck them up for the winter holidays.

The other day, we got some photos so we could give you a peek at what we have been creating. Beautiful boxes, filled with Precious Earth.

 This amazing substance, a concentrate packed with life and everything a plant needs for growth, flowering or fruiting, also helps increase a plant’s resistance to pests and stress. In these days of changing weather patterns, increased droughts, floods, frosts and heat, the plants need every bit of help they can get to help them cope….

Not only that, unlike all the (biocides), herbicides, fungicides, pesticides etc. that they still insist on stocking on the shelves of garden centres and stores, our Precious Earth: plant food, soil conditioner and rejuvenator, causes absolutely no harm to pollinators, birds, bats or wildlife. The vegetables grown in it are free of any of these dastardly substances and what you put on the family table is all round good wholesome food; something that these days is hard to find. We are delighted to have achieved this by working with Gaia (otherwise known as Mother Nature) rather than battling against her.

 Rachel Carson, author of “Silent Spring” in the 60’s when she brought attention to the numerable dangers of DDT and glyphosates, says in “Man’s War Against Nature”:

“Among the new chemicals are many that are used in man’s war against nature. … In the form of sprays, dusts, and aerosols, these basic chemicals are offered for sale under several thousand different brand names- a highly bewildering array of poisons, confusing even to the chemist, which have the power to kill every insect, the “good” as well as the “bad”, to still the songs of birds and to stop the leaping of the fish in the streams, to coat the leaves with poison and to linger on in the soil. It may prove to be impossible to lay down such a barrage of dangerous poisons on the surface of the earth without making it unfit for all life. Indeed, the term “biocide” would be more appropriate than “insecticide"......It is ironic to think that man may determine his own future by something so seemingly trivial as the choice of his insect spray.”

Heavy stuff.....

So, here at Gaia’s Garden, the women have worked with the worms and men, to come up with a solution. One that will rebalance the doom that has been foretold, that will bring real life back to the gardens, farms, fields and parks even, fingers crossed, golf courses. It’s been years of research, trials, watching, listening and tapping into the vast underground network of knowledge. Now we have found the way to create the perfect blend of organic materials, how to inoculate our biochar with natural NPK and beneficial microbiology to carry it all into the soil while capturing carbon from emissions to store it safely underground and how to restimulate life in even the most deprived and unhealthy soils…now we can provide every gardener with a simple solution to a huge problem. It’s exciting to have been able to achieve this and to have our stocks ready for next year. As our worms breed, we will have the capacity to grow wider and achieve more, scaling up into agriculture and more.

It started with a seed of an idea, twenty years ago, and now, when our bees, butterflies, birds and wildlife are in desperate need of support, when our children and grandchildren and future generations need a healthy hopeful future, not doom and gloom and lip service and greenwash…now we have created a wonderful life affirming substance that can literally make a world of difference, we are very excited to share the journey with you.

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