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Precious Earth is:

  •  A mother culture, carefully designed to boost plant growth, health & yields.

  • A plant feed for slow release of essential naturally sourced nutrients.

  • A soil conditioner, rejuvenating composts/garden earth with beneficial micro-organisms.

  • A bio-stimulant for healthy, happy plants, worms, bees & butterflies.

  • A probiotic culture to regenerate your garden and even potted house plants.

How do you use Precious Earth? 

This is a 1:10 mix. So basically, you get 10 times return for every bit you apply around your vegetables, in your flowers or into your pots. 

We are now preparing to test the genes of the plants to show how happy Precious Earth makes them, but really, all you have to do is use it and you will see the results with your own eyes. The plants have glossier leaves (they can absorb more chlorophyll), they are brighter, stronger, healthier. They can resist frosts, droughts and even floods better (useful in these times of changing weather patterns) and they are blooming lovely for our pollinators.

 NB: Best to cover with a bit of earth or compost as the mycelium doesn’t like sunlight.

Why are we doing this?

 In only 70 years, we have lost most of our insect population in the UK; according to the “Insect decline and UK food security” Parliament Inquiry “recent research suggests that the UK flying insects have declined by 60% in the past 20 years. Insects provide pivotal roles for UK food security including pollination and pest or weed regulation.” Gaia’s Garden supports the bees and butterflies, ladybirds and hoverflies and in turn, the garden birds that love to eat greenflies, aphids and other pesky pests. We recognise that we are part of a web of life and that our gardening practices are an essential part of this. 

Since the end of WW2, gardeners and farmers have been encouraged to spray their crops with pesticides, fungicides and other ecocide concoctions in a war against nature. In an old munitions factory warehouse, we are creating our Precious Earth that brings us back into balance with our natural environment.

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