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Everything we create at Gaia's Garden is backed up by science. We are working with the Earth Sciences department of the University of South Wales and Dr Redhead, lecturer in microbiology & genetics has been overseeing all the testing. It's been very exciting so far: she's found that our Precious Earth mother culture can supercharge soils with beneficial microbiology in only 24 hours, creating a regenerated growing medium filled with probiotic life for plants & crops to then be able take full advantage of.

In other tests, the scientists have identified that beneficial

microbes in Precious Earth can help plants to fight off

pathogens: so the plants are stronger & healthier with

a greater resistance to diseases.

Our mother culture has been shown to regenerate old spent

composts (1:10 ratio of Precious Earth to compost) and these

organically regenerated composts grow plants that match

ones grown in new composts (that have synthetic fertilisers

in them).

Also, that using our Precious Earth mother culture in the

garden, attracts earthworms; increasing the biodiversity &

richness of the earth even more. It also helps improve drainage, soil aeration &

fertility, naturally.

Now they are looking at how our mother cultures can help with balancing out the antibiotics in bio-fertilisers that kill off beneficial life underground and how happy and therefore more resistant to stresses (drought, floods, frost, pests, diseases) plants are when grown in our mother culture.

Exciting research that can have huge potential benefits for eating healthy organically grown food, organic growers  & for biodiversity.

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